“Dedicated, ‘Switched-On’ Fitness Professional’s Who’d Like to Make an Extra 1-2k a Month Running Fitness Bootcamps Without Competing on Price, Worrying About Competition or Getting Stressed About Losing Clients, EVER. “

(Who’ve Had Enough of the “Earn 6 Figure” B.S.) But Want To Kick Start Your Fitness Camp and Make Your First 1K in the Next 30 Days

If you’re already making ‘6 figures’ **ahem** from your fitness bootcamps and ‘killing it’ then this letter is NOT for you.

That’s because I’m looking for people who are totally “green”

I don’t care if you’re brand-new to fitness bootcamps or you’ve been running them for years and for whatever reason you’ve just failed to “crack the code” …if you have a burning desire to have a fitness business that actually makes decent money AND gives you ZERO stress, then please read on.

My STUPID Plan And Why I’m So Excited About It:

The average fitness trainer makes £15,233 a year.

I think MOST fitpros deserve to earn more.

I like money. I like buying nice things. I also like to help fitpros.

So, here’s what I’m gonna do…

I want to take ONLY action taking fitness trainers by the hand and walk them through the steps of developing a SUSTAINABLE fitness bootcamp business that, like I said earlier, DOESN’T have to rely on being cheap, or using ‘group-on’ or ‘living social’.

In fact, I want to help you create a ‘bootcamp’ that has ZERO competition.

AND I want to help YOU build this business in the next 45 days or less!

(No, you won’t get rich off of £1000 a month, but once you understand the system you’ll be able to duplicate it over and over again- PLUS if you’re anything like me, you’re sick of hearing about the wholly grail that is ‘6 figures’, and just make a decent living from your passion!)

The catch is, I only want to work with people who, up until this point, have experienced very little or no success running ‘expensive’ fitness bootcamps.

You see, I have a tried and tested system for creating a bootcamp businesses that cranks out profit every month — month after month.

It isn’t even that hard once you know the secrets, but up until now, I’ve kept them all for my mentoring students who invest £357($550+) a month to work with me for AT LEAST A YEAR.

So Here’s How Easy It Is

You don’t need to have a massive advertising budget… with my system you don’t even need to spend anything.. apart from your investment for the product of course.

You don’t need to be a marketing genius, I’ll show you all the cool shit you need to know.

You don’t need to own a massive email list. (I’d rather show you how to build a list the RIGHT way from scratch.)

You don’t need to want to build an empire that ends up having multiple ‘franchises’ and ‘licences’

You don’t need to ‘shout-really-loud-on-facebook-every-day’

You don’t have to have a boat load of qualifications and letters behind your name

You don’t have to shout ‘my-bootcamp-starts-on-Monday’ bullshit every time you want to fill your bootcamp.

But, You’ve Heard All This Before Right?

Sure you have, then why aren’t you where you want to be?

Blaming the weather? The town you live in? The time of year? Or whatever other crappy excuse you make for not earning the money you want.

I get it.

I used to buy into all the bullshit too.

Investing in mentoring, courses, seminars and e-books with people promising me 6 figures this, 4 hour work week that.

But here’s what I realised – none of these people owned fitness businesses, never mind a successful one!

Some of them have NEVER even trained a SINGLE client!

Yup, I just said that, but it needed to be said.

You see, I’ve been in the trenches. I’ve built a VERY successful bootcamp business and I’ve helped launch and over a HUNDRED other fitness camps right across the country, and Europe.

Who Is This Dude Anyway?

My name is Paul Mort, I have been known as the “Bootcamp King”, this title (which I cringe every time I hear) was given to me a number of years ago when I was one of the first trainers in the UK who really nailed a successful bootcamp business.

So here comes the part where I brag about my achievements.

Whilst I hate bragging it is NOT designed to impress you, but impress ON you what can be achieved in this industry! I come from a very poor town (South Shields- google it) and now living in a VERY AFFLUENT town (Marbella in spain) I’m actually quite proud of my achievements- thank you very much.

Anyway, heres all of that shit in case you’re interested:

  • Built a VERY successful bootcamp business which I sold my majority shares in January- meaning I don’t have to work for a few years
  • Toured the UK 3 times
  • Spoken at one of the worlds biggest fitness conventions
  • Had a 5 week honeymoon, with ZERO impact on my income
  • Moved to the amazing Marbella where I CAN work just a few hours a week (if I want to)
  • Attracted over 110 trainers to the most talked about fitness event the UK has ever seen sold at £347($550+) a head!
  • Sold 50 copies of a £997($1600+) ‘hard copy’ product – (do the math on that one)
  • Made over 30k on my online product WITHOUT a website or e-book in site!
  • Sold over 200 copies of my own DVD’s for fit pros
  • Researched, developed and sold copious amounts of my own supplement – Lean Greens.
  • Mentored most of the UK’s leading bootcamp owners – go onto youtube and search ‘paul mort mentoring’ if you don’t believe me.- here’s a link for that.. WARNING there are A LOT of testimonials
  • Travelled all over the world, studying, networking and partying with many of the worlds leading fitness business owners.
  • Bought a brand new BMW (This one I do like to brag about, I just love driving the thing!
  • Allowed my wife to ‘retire’ and look after my son full time
  • Helped fill 3 F.E.B’s with Jon Le Tocq

Look, there’s DEFINITELY people in the fitness industry who earn a LOT MORE money than me, but not many of them have the lifestyle that I enjoy and that’s what I’m all about.

Doing stuff I like to do, with who I want to do it with (usually my little boy and wife), whenever I want to do it. BUT all without the ties of my clients telling me when I should and shouldn’t work.

How Have I Done It?

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not all that clever. I have 2 GSCE’S- In French and Spanish (which comes in handy out here).

I’ve also worked my balls off. I made a lot of mistakes. But I’ve invested massively in my skills, business and marketing education and learnt from the best in the industry.

During that time I’ve royally “pissed off” a lot of people, because I’ve been relentless in my pursuit of developing my business.

But I think I’ve ‘figured-it-out’.

See, I estimate I’ve helped to launch over 100 bootcamps, both my own and with my mentoring students.

I wont lie, not ALL of them have worked. I’ve fucked up at times. I was left out of pocket, but I was ‘man-enough’ about it, dusted myself down and got on with it!

NOW – I’m getting VERY consistent results that’s blowing shit up for my mentoring crew and everyone who uses my methods.

  • Systems that costs NOTHING.
  • Strategies that has people PAYING YOU to market YOUR business for you.
  • Methods that gets your press coverage.
  • And a process that helps you stand out from the ‘me too’ bootcamps that are popping up all over your town and trying to undercut each other.

I’d go so far as to to say it’s a ‘blueprint’ BUT a ‘blueprint’ that lets you be yourself. (the last thing I want is for you to lose your most valued asset, your UNIQUENESS)

In this program we even suggest you don’t even use the word bootcamp!

I’ll help you name your program so you INSTANTLY stand out from all of the shit, ‘beasting people’ bootcamps that are infesting your local area and leaving the public confused about where to go.

Welcome To …

This really is the most SIMPLE yet also most COMPREHENSIVE product I’ve put together on how to get started building a lucrative fitness camp.

You’ll Discover:

  • How to establish yourself quickly as the ‘go-to’ fitness person in your town, meaning clients will flock to work with you.
  • Exactly how to fill your first bootcamp without worrying about the ‘competition’ I’ll even tell you what to say to people to do this!
  • The EXACT flyers and posters I used to build a very profitable fitness business with VERY low overheads
  • What you need to keep track of your income and outgoings- in fact, I’ll give you the very documents I use to manage my accounting
  • The DONE-FOR-YOU form’s you’ll need to get started- Risk Assessments, Par Q’s, Food dairies- you name it, its in there.
  • What kind if website you need to attract clients from the internet– heck I’ll even tell you where to get it made and how much (or how little) you should really be paying.
  • How to get KILLER fat loss results for all the new clients you’ll be training. Yup, I’ll be giving away lots of ‘insider secrets’ on both nutrition and training- You’ll actually get 6 sample fat destroying workouts to get you started too!
  • My ‘How-to-Get-People-to Pay-YOU-to-market-your-business-FOR-you’ Ninja tactics that have previously only been available on my high end, private mentoring programs.
  • All of the Online, Offline and internal marketing strategies that you’ll probably ever need- Including how to DOMINATE facebook and twitter without looking like a ‘me-too’, generic fitness person!

So, What’s Your Investment?

…and that term Investment is exactly the right way to describe this program.

I have invested not only the time pulling together this program for you, but it is the combined investment of the last 12 years of developing my skills and knowledge poured out in to the “members only” website I’ve created to teach you all this stuff.

You’ve already seen that I command a monthly investment of $554 from each of my mentoring students, PLUS my seminars and other products have not been insignificant investments, so you may think your investment today is a little ‘unusual’?

Yep less than a hundred notes for all this stuff! (or less than 160 bucks for my non UK friends)

Your Investment Today is…

JUST $157

Just click the button below and that’ll take you to our paymentprocessor for you to complete your payment.

As soon as you have done that, you’ll be directed back to this website to set up your login to get immediate access to ALL the content.

Look I’m Going To Make This VERY Easy For You

I’m well known for my OUTRAGEOUS guarantees. So here’s one that makes investing in this product a 100% risk-free, no brainer.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If, during the first 60 days of using the product and doing what I tell you to do (its laid out step-by-step) you don’t make FIVE X your investment in the program… I’ll refund EVERY SINGLE penny!

If for any reason within the first 60 days you don’t think this is the most awesome program you’ve invested in for building your fitness camp business, then we simply don’t want you money, just drop us an email to request your refund.

I cant make it any easier for you to have a successful fitness business can I?

This is truly the simplest, easiest and FASTEST way to build a real fitness business, that makes real money, month after month so you can do cool things and support yourself and your family.

So Let Me Lay It Out For You

You CAN keep on struggling,

  • Wondering where the next cheque is coming from
  • Panicking when your clients are going on holiday
  • Wondering what to do when the nights get darker
  • Getting pissed off at all the ‘copy-cats’ in your town
  • Thinking ‘this is NOT what I signed up for’


you can give me less than 160 bucks (or 100 quid) for a PROVEN, step-by-step system of how to build a ‘stand out’ sustainable fitness business that makes you a tidy little 4 figure income every month WITHOUT having to work all the hours in the world.

Click The Button Below Right NOW to Get Started Immediately…

JUST $157

Just click the button below and that’ll take you to our paymentprocessor for you to complete your payment.

See you on the other side.


P.S. Note that this is open right now for A Handful of Action Taking Fitness Professionals! After that we’ll close the doors so we can best support the lucky few who get a place on the ‘inside’…

After this it is highly likely we’ll increase the investment to get access, so please don’t sit on the fence and wait, take action, click the “Add To Cart” button above and jump in now.

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